Choice Literacy Big Fresh

Shared Writing with Tammy Mulligan

Choice Literacy Big Fresh
Shared Writing with Tammy Mulligan

The focus of this week's Big Fresh is shared writing. Tammy Mulligan joins the podcast.


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Each week Choice Literacy shares the Big Fresh newsletter with a round-up of features around a key topic in literacy education. You can find the February 19, 2021 issue here. 


00:00 Welcome

00:32 Lead Essay by Ruth Ayres

03:08 Classic Classroom Content

06:53 Tammy Mulligan Interview

22:30 Free for All

23:59 Leaders Lounge Content

Free for All

The Choice Literacy Book Club!  Christy Rush-Levine selected an Own Voices middle grade fantasy novel for the February read. This is free for all! Follow along on the site of with #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub.

Using Shared Writing to Build Argument Skills: Shari Frost explains the power of shared writing in intermediate classrooms, especially for struggling learners. (This article was first published in 2013.)

Putting Ourselves in Our Teaching: Debbie Miller's wonderful essay is great to read when you're feeling rushed, and want to hit the "pause button" to remind yourself of what really matters in the classroom. First published in 2012, this is an article that is needed today.

The Cult of Pedagogy: Jennifer Gonzalez has wise advice on how to teach when everyone is scattered.

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