Choice Literacy Big Fresh

Perspectives with Stella Villalba

Choice Literacy Big Fresh
Perspectives with Stella Villalba

The focus of this week's Big Fresh is Perspectives.  Stella Villalba joins the podcast.

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Each week Choice Literacy shares the Big Fresh newsletter with a round-up of features around a key topic in literacy education. You can find the May 14, 2021 issue here


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00:38 Lead Essay by Ruth Ayres

03:50 New Content Discussion with Stella Villalba

Connect with Stella

You can keep up with Stella on Twitter @stellavillalba, Instagram @stellavillalba, or her blog, Listening and Learning: A Teaching and Coaching Life.  Find all of Stella's articles and videos on the site by clicking here.

Free for All

#31DaysIBPOC: Celebrating the Teacher Voices of Indigenous, Black, and People of Color Voices in May is a beautiful collection that allows all of us to appreciate the power and endurance of Indigenous, Black, and people of color in education who strive for excellence and equity in education. Take time to read these stories. They are a gift.

When it comes to including and understanding other people, it may be hardest to empathize with those who disrupt or bully others. Tammy Mulligan shares her four favorite mentor texts for understanding students who are angry and lash out. (This article was first published in 2019.)

Mark Levine explores ways to cultivate empathy by sharing texts with multiple perspectives on the same event in his middle school social studies class. (This article was first published in 2021.)

Join the Choice Literacy Book Club! Dana Murphy selected the May pick. It is My Hero Academia Volume 1 by Kohei Horikoshi. This new manga book is popular in classrooms and a new reading experience for our book club. Grab a copy, and join the conversation using the hashtag #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub.

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