Choice Literacy Big Fresh

Empowering Readers with Sara Kajder

Choice Literacy Big Fresh
Empowering Readers with Sara Kajder

The focus of this week's Big Fresh is empowering readers. This week, Sara Kajder joins the podcast.

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02:18 Sara Kajder Interview

Free for All

Join the Choice Literacy Book Club! Bitsy Parks selected a thought-provoking picture book for our March read. Find out more at the site. Join the conversation using the hashtag #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub. 

Can a High Stakes Assessment Create Readers? Stephanie Affinito encounters an unexpected by-product of testing for her son—the uninterrupted reading time waiting for others to finish builds a good habit. She questions whether a high-stakes assessment can create readers. This article was first published in 2020.

Beyond Explicit Instruction: What Do Struggling Readers Need? Franki Sibberson explores the varied needs of young readers and writers. First published in 2015, this article is a must-read for us today.

March Book Madness: It's not too late to join in with March Book Madness hosted by Tony Keefer and Scott Jones. Grab a bracket, pull the books into a basket, and you're ready for your class to join in this global event.

We Are Teachers: Brandie Freeman shares common teacher interview questions in a post-COVID world.

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