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30: Conventions with Jen Schwanke

Choice Literacy Big Fresh
30: Conventions with Jen Schwanke

The focus of this week's Big Fresh podcast is conventions. Jen Schwanke joins the conversation.

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Each week Choice Literacy shares the Big Fresh newsletter with a round-up of features around a key topic in literacy education. You can find the June 11, 2021 issue here


00:00  Welcome

00:28  Lead Essay by Ruth Ayres

02:53  New Content Discussion with Jen Schwanke

Free for All

Join the Choice Literacy Book Club! Stella Villalba selected the June pick. It is Hear Our Voice compiled by Warren Binford. Grab a copy, and join the conversation using the hashtag #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub

Even eight-year-olds are expected to master a dozen or more conventions. Melanie Meehan shares a process for helping students focus on the small steps needed to master any convention with peer support. (This article was first published in 2019.)

Heather Rader works with a team of intermediate teachers to ferret out what does and doesn't work in learning conventions, based on research and experience. (Although first published in 2012, the process for collaboration about teaching conventions is vital today.)

Jeff Anderson and Travis Leech are sharing what adolescent writers need to know about the conventions of language in their podcast Patterns of Power. Click here to listen to the first episode.

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