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Making Workshop Work

Making Workshop Work
Choice Literacy Big Fresh
Making Workshop Work

The focus of this week's podcast is making workshop work. Cathy Mere and Ruth Ayres join the conversation.

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Each week Choice Literacy shares the Big Fresh newsletter with a round-up of features around a key topic in literacy education. You can find the September 10, 2021 issue here


00:00  Welcome

00:28  Lead Essay by Gretchen Schroeder

03:24  Free for All Conversation

19:16  Classic Classroom Conversation

30:19 Literacy Leader Content Conversation

Free for All

Join the Choice Literacy Book Club! Heather Fisher selected So You Want to Be an Owl by Jane Porter and Maddie Frost as our September read. Grab a copy, and join the conversation using the hashtag #ChoiceLiteracyBookClub

Suzy Kaback asks her students to write letters of recommendations for themselves, and finds the activity ripples across the school mentoring community. This exercise is a terrific catalyst for creating personal improvement plans. This article was first published in 2012.

Tara Barnett and Kate Mills give guidance and support for varying the structures and routines in literacy workshops. This article was first published in 2020.

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