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Empowering Choice

Choice Literacy Big Fresh
Empowering Choice

The focus of this week's Big Fresh is empowering choice. Nawal Qarooni Casiano joins the podcast to discuss student-led lessons.

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Each week Choice Literacy shares the Big Fresh newsletter with a round-up of features around a key topic in literacy education. You can find the January 8, 2021 issue here. 

Free for All

Florence Genevieve Saperstein: Brenda Power, founder of Choice Literacy, offered a lead essay on the legacy we leave when we empower choice in the lives of others. This is beautiful both in craft and thought. Additionally, the link will take you to another issue of the Big Fresh with the theme of choice. 

Choice in Literacy Workshops: What makes choice authentic in literacy workshops? Christy Rush-Levine grapples with this tough question that leads to changes in her instruction.

Symbiosis: Choice and Structure in Writing Workshops: Heather Rader and Ruth Ayres explore the complex connections between choice and structure in writing workshops

How to Lead with Positivity: Matthew X. Joseph shares how leaders can increase confidence and collaboration in their teams when they lead with positivity in his article on Edutopia.

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